Harvard Beats Yale 29-29

Harvard Beats Yale 29- 29

One minute left in the game…

Yale was sure they had the win.

They dominated the whole game.

To begin, Yale quickly jumped ahead of Harvard 22- 0.

Not only did they lead the whole game, they were in control, and by the fourth quarter the score was 29- 13.

Now it was late in the the fourth quarter and Yale put in all their second string players.

But with fight still in them Harvard’s back up quarterback Frank Champi squeezed in a touchdown with a little less than a minute to go. They edged out a two point conversion which made it a score of 29- 21.

It was November 23, 1968, the Ivy League Championship, and both teams were undefeated. This was the last game of the season.

After having barely scored with 47 seconds left to make it 29-21 the Crimson had no choice but to go for the onside kick.

They recovered the onside kick!

Harvard miraculously recovered the onside kick and now they had Yale on their heels. The Crimson took advantage of Yale’s substitute players and stormed down the field.

As time winded down Vic Gatto scored on a pass play from Champi to make it 29- 27.

The clock stood at 0:00 and they went for another two-point conversion.

They scored on a quick pass right down the middle of the field from Champi to Pete Varney. There was pandemonium as the fans rushed onto the field and Harvard celebrated a share of the Ivy League Title.

Harvard scored a record setting 16 points in 42 seconds in what is known as “the most famous football game in Ivy League History”.

If you ask the players and the fans who were there that day Harvard won even though it was a tie. Which is why the headlines to the newspaper ran “Harvard Beats Yale 29-29”

Did you know? The famous Hollywood actor Tommy Lee Jones played in this historic 1968 bowl game.

Tommy Lee Jones- Harvard Football Team 1968-69











The teams meet this year in New Haven on the same day November 23, 2019.

It will be the 136th game between the rivals and Yale leads the series at 67-60-8.

“When Harvard and Yale play it means something more than football”

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