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19 Year Old Marblehead Resident Held Captive On A Boat In Chains And Tortured 

Imagine this…

You’re 19 years old and full of life.
Your passion is salt water fishing.
You set off to Nova Scotia where you hear the daily catch is plentiful.
You make it safely and as you take in the nice summer sea breeze you can taste the salt in the air.
The seagulls are gliding effortlessly in the wind and the boat is getting filled with fish faster than you could have imagined.
Off in the distance you spot a silhouette of a big ship making its way toward you.
“Not your normal looking vessel” you think to yourself.
Suddenly before you know it the enormous intimidating ship is hovering over you…
Within minutes your life takes an unexpected twist.
From enjoying life and doing what you love the most to being held captive on a boat in chains and tortured.
This is what happened to Phillip Ashton a native of Marblehead back in June of 1722.
Ashton was captured and tortured severely by the infamous Captain Ned Low, a ruthless pirate who stalked the waters off the coast of Nova Scotia.
Ned wanted to get Ashton to sign an agreement to become part of his pirate company.
Although young in age Ashton had the will and courage of a lion defending his pride.
He didn’t give in.
As time passed Ashton made a daring attempt to slip through the torturous hands of Ned Low and escape onto an island off the coast of Honduras.
More about Philip Ashton and his daring escape later but first…
Although ordering an unreliable taxi,
or using a lousy car service to Logan Airport isn’t quite as bad as being held hostage on a pirate ship,
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If your driver is late and you can’t get in touch with anyone from the company,
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Now back to the story of Phillip Ashton and his amazing escape.
According to historical records Ashton managed to make a dramatic escape and get ashore to the island of Roatan in the Bay of Honduras.
He hid in a dense jungle from Captain Ned until Ned gave up and left him stranded on the island.
For sixteen months Ashton survived on the island until the “Diamond” a ship from Salem, stopped at the island for water and rescued him.
Ashton arrived home safely to Marblehead in May of 1725.
What a captivating story tied to the rich history of Marblehead.
At Marblehead Car Service we want to be part of that amazing history.
Maybe not as riveting but we would like to become a friend the community can rely on.
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